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Orida is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher who learned Reiki in 1998 in NYC, while living for 17 years in the US.   

At a very young age she became aware of her inner Light Energy, also called Ki, Chi or Prana, which became the reference center for her inner life. She then wanted answers to metaphysical questions. At 18 she lives in retreat in the Canary Island for a year to find out what energy is, how it interacts with us !


At 26 she goes through an NDE and gets most of the replies to her questions! Energy is Love, Light, Wisdom and Source of Life. It is real and here in our Universe for each of us.


As a way to keep this great enlightenment experience alive, she pursues to this day her spiritual path with body and soul healing arts and spirituality which started in 1990 with Zazen, African drumming and dancing, Yoga, Reiki, Vajrayana healing practices, spiritual healing and for the past ten years Tai Chi and Chi Kung.


She’s worked in France and the US, in movie production, communication, class actions, as a cultural tour organizer to Africa and language Teacher.


When she first received a Reiki treatment she understood right away that this was the best way to share her spiritual experiences about Wisdom and Love Energy and asked immediately the Practitioner Teacher to teach her. When she was taught Reiki, she went through deeper emotional healing, before she allowed herself to practice and teach on a professional level.


For the past decades, she dedicates her time to teaching the art of Reiki which helps enhance the healing capacities of every being, whether it is on the physical, emotional or spiritual plan. This is done through channeling the subtle Energy of Life and transferring it to ourselves or others. By becoming aware and sensitive to the Universal Life energy or Reiki, feeling it’s power and how it connects us to the Universe and others, one will also learn to follow its own intuition to be guided towards a more fulfilling existence.


Reiki is Love, Peace and Wisdom Energy. It will give you the physical and spiritual strength to feel, identify and follow your path.


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