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Reiki, is a holistic practice which enhances our own natural healing capacities through channelling of Universal Life Energy. The channelled energy is then transferred to oneself or others through the hands.


Reiki originated in Japan at the dawn of the 20th century. Thhe method which is used today in the world is the one developed by Mikao Usui, after reaching enlightenment or Satori in 1922.


Reiki means “Universal Life Energy”. This energy has multiple dimensions/emanations: Love, Life, Force, Wisdom, Knowledge, Peace, Harmony. It is a sacred Energy.

Universal Life Energy is known in martial arts, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, in Physics and religion as Ki (Japan), Chi (China), Prana (India), Light and Breath of Life.

It is what we focus on with the practices of Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu and meditation.

It is the main life support to every living thing and is in the smallest living particle.


That is why Reiki it is so necessary to the healing of any physical condition. It will stimulate our recovery, strengthen the immune system, alleviate pain and the side effects of strong medicine.

But because it is also Light and subtle Energy it is our “spiritual food” and in the same way it supports physical healing, it supports mind and spirit healing, bringing grounding, harmony, joy, inner strength to go through challenge and, increased intuitive capacities and creativity in finding resources in all aspects.


It is easy to be learnt by anyone and can be practiced right after being initiated and trained.


There are four level in learning Reiki.


  • First level : heal the body and emotions.

Learn to practice with healing touch. Understand the Chakras and Aura.


  • Second level : heal your emotions and mind.

Learn to practice spiritually with the guidance of symbols. Become confident in spiritual practice.


  • Master level : heal the mind and spirit.

Learn about enlightenment. Become powerful in your practice and learn the Masters’ Symbol.


  • Teacher level : heal the spirit and soul.

Learn the protocols to initiate others. Be a transmitter of the knowledge for Light and Love Energy.

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